MAVRO // LEFÈVRE is a collaboration between designer Sofie Lefèvre and interior specialist Mette Mavro.
Sofie Lefèvre is an innovation design graduate from Royal College of Art in London. Mette Mavro has vast experience with interior decoration in private and public contexts, and is highly knowledgeable of contemporary European design as well as 20th century Scandinavian modern design and crafts.

With MAVRO // LEFÈVRE we aim to create experiences that underpin and enriches the conduct and everyday life of human beings in both private and public spaces. This approach means that the design process always starts with identification of specific user needs combined with extensive analysis of the environmental context in which the new design shall function and add long-term value.

By continuously asking why and how our designs can improve the actuality and quality of life, we strive to make them become more than aesthetic objects. Rather, our objective is to create designs that manifest human aspiration and desire.


Dronningensgade 73B, 2tv
1420 Copenhagen K

Instagram; @mavrolefevre